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The need for more advanced data visualization and analytics capabilities increases with the introduction of the Sentinels missions (big) data. These missions, along with the Copernicus Contributing Missions as well as Earth Explorers and Third Party missions will provide routine monitoring of our environment at the global scale, thereby delivering an unprecedented amount of data. The current and future datasets are often too large for researchers or data analysts to view and analyze with traditional processing tools. In this context, ESA has started in 2014 the EO Exploitation Platforms (EPs) initiative, a set of R&D activities that in the first phase (up to 2017) aims to create an ecosystem of interconnected Thematic Exploitation Platforms (TEPs) on European footing, addressing: coastal, forestry, hydrology, geohazards, polar, urban themes and food security. However this approach does not necessarily cover all of the use cases for EO data access and processing capabilities. In particular, the requirements of stakeholders from particular geographic regions requiring information services over several thematic domains may diverge significantly from those working in specific thematic domains. Furthermore, by considering a regional based approach for accessing data and associated processing resources, this may better match EO capabilities to coordinated regional initiatives to develop new business and expand local economies. EO4SEE project, financed by ESA, will provide a pathfinder assessment for regional high volume data access, process and information service delivery platform within the South East Europe region. The platform has the aim to offer advanced multi-temporal statistical analysis functions and visualization capabilities in a virtual environment, for a well defined geographic scope: the South-East Europe (targeted geographical features: Danube Basin, Carpathian Mountains, Black Sea). EO3SEE platform architecture is developed following the model proposed by ESA in the Exploitation Platform Open Architecture” specification document. The base infrastructure for the platform is provided by Earth Observation Innovative Platform Testbed Poland (EO IPT).

EO4SEE geographical scope

EO4SEE topics:

  • Integrated water management and flood risk prevention;
  • Environmental risks prevention;
  • Management of natural assets and protected areas;
  • Natural resources management;
  • Integrated coastal zone management; • Archaeology and cultural heritage.
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