TERRASIGNA (prime contractor)

TERRASIGNA is a Romanian leading provider of customized Geo-Information services with a wide pool of public and private national, European and North American clients. TERRASIGNA clients include: German Aerospace Centre, World Bank, NASA, Interamerican Bank, public institutions, private companies, etc. TERRASIGNA has developed in-house algorithms and procedures in the field of knowledge extraction from heterogeneous EO data. Its main expertise lays in data mining in large time series satellite imagery databases.

West University of Timisoara (partner)

West University of Timisoara (UVT) was founded in 1944 as a classic university meant to be representative for the west part of Romania, with currently around 20,000 students. The Department of Computer Science (DoCS) of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science was initiated in 1971. The main topics of research within its Center of Research in Computer Science are: Distributed and Parallel Computing and Artificial Intelligence ( The team manages the largest supercomputing center of Romania (, that is involved through the National Grid Initiative (ARCAS) in EGI.

CleverMaps (partner)

CleverMaps is a Czech company focused on providing geospatial intelligence services in several fields - agriculture, forestry, environment, transportation and regional development. It is focused to building web applications based on cloud infrastructure, processing of large volume of spatial data (e.g. satellite imagery). Its core competence are added value services built on top of spatial data.

Due to its experience both in specific domains and cloud technology, CleverMaps can built scalable application and services focused to specific users’ needs.

GISAT (partner)

GISAT is an SME sized company founded in 1990 as first privately run remote sensing and geoinformation service company in the Czech Republic. The mission of the company is to provide its clients with complete portfolio of value added, high quality and state-of-the-art geoinformation services based on the Earth Observation technology. Remote sensing related information and services represent more than 70% of company annual revenue. The rest comes from GISAT growing portfolio of services related to innovative data integration, exploration and visualisation using web and mobile platforms.

Creotech Instruments (partner)

Leader of Polish space sector, participates in a number of projects conducted by the European Space Agency.

Creotech manufactures and supplies precise measuring instruments to research institutes around the world and carries out projects related to the study and exploration of outer space. Products based on the company’s own technological solutions and patents have been used by the European Organization for Nuclear Research, the Institute for Heavy Ion Research and the German Electron Synchrotron DESY in Hamburg, among others.

The company is qualified by the European Space Agency (ESA) to assemble electronics for space flights—making it the only Polish company to have passed the ESA’s strict requirements for component assembly. CREOTECH’s cleanroom features a double air lock, air filters and mandatory protective suits to prevent dust from contaminating the equipment. With facilities for mechanical prototyping and serial production, electronics are assembled in compliance with the highest international standards.

Company has constructed cameras for the wide-view NEOSTEL telescope and developed a power converter module for the CaSSIS stereo imager for the joint Russo-European ExoMars mission to Mars. In partnership with the Space Research Center in Warsaw, CREOTECH is producing a coronagraph control box which will be used on the ESA’s PROBA 3 project—the world’s first precision formation flying mission. In an effort to bring the space sector to Poland, CREOTECH developed the EO Cloud project, which is a data repository based in Poland to collect, store and analyze information transmitted by ESA satellites.

Wasat (partner)

Wasat is the Polish space and geoinformation SME that develops and provides services based on Earth Observation, GIS and mobile technology. The company currently employs 8 EO and IT experts, all of them have already participated in R&D projects. Wasat has many links with academic institutions, other high-tech entities and user communities. The strategy of the company is to transform the research results into operational services offered to clients in agriculture, cultural heritage management and environmental protection. Wasat is also involved in promotion of EO knowledge through co-organising and sponsoring of thematic events (student conferences, EARSEL workshops etc).

SIGMA GAMES (partner)

Simulation Games Manufacture Aleksander Sierżęga (SIGMA GAMES) is a company focused on the simulations, 3D and VR/AR games and visualizations. We create complex products for the companies, government administration and local government. We specialize in computer support simulations, GIS based products in SaaS and 3D games for VR. We produced over 30 simulations and simulation games. Our games are as close to the reality as it is possible and playable.

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